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Mortgage Bank Housing Foundation
  • Home mortgage loans
  • Technical construction assistance services
  • Insurance brokerage services
  • Real Estate brokerage services
  • Commercial leasing
  • Social Housing Leasing & Maintenance
  • Guidance to the residents of the rental houses
  • Housing Subsidy calculations for the residents
  • Management of the social neighborhoods
  • Community work guidance

F.C.C.A. offers appropriate and affordable housing to inhabitants of Aruba who are seeking a house in safe and well-kept neighborhoods.

What does ‘housing’ mean?

The house and the residential area, but also the livability in the neighborhood, meaning clean, complete and safe, and where environmentally friendly choices have been made.

Who do we mean by ‘.. who are seeking a house’?

People with limited financial means, but also special target groups, such as seniors, disabled, dependent elderly and persons under guidance for independent living or reintegration into society.

Financial Focus

(Capital Management)
“Now + Future”
… in 10 years or more there has to be enough money to paint or to renovate and to provide for the demand at that time.


Social Housing Focus

(Social Goals)
“Well done NOW”



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