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FCCA is here to serve you in the best possible way for you to obtain or maintain your home.

At FCCA we appreciate it if you can inform us, whether a product or service provided by us, has been given or provided to the satisfaction of our clients.

This is why we have a formal procedure for the client to follow in order to bring his/her compliant to our attention.
First, FCCA has an internal procedure, where the client can bring his/her complaint forward by letter or email addressed to Management. This written compliant is then properly registered, controlled and attended to by the responsible personnel.

FCCA Complaints form – English

FCCA Complaints form – Papiamento

FCCA Complaints form – Dutch

Within 2 working days – after the formal compliant has been received – the client will receive a letter from FCCA informing him/her that the compliant is registered and is being attended to and that a reply will follow shortly.
In principle, a compliant should be attended to within a maximum of 5 working days.

Complaints Committee

Secondly, if a client is not satisfied with the manner in which his/her complaint has been attended/solved by FCCA, in accordance with the FCCA Govenance Code, we do offer a more formal procedure to follow in order to bring this to the attention of our Board of Directors.

The client can contact the ‘FCCA Klachtencommissie’, an external commission who evaluates whether the manner in which a compliant of a client has been attended to, was the proper one.

The client can sent the compliant to the following direction or email-address:

FCCA Klachtencommissie


In order to further assist the client with his/her formal written compliant, there are forms (complaint-form) available at the front office of FCCA which the client can fill and sign.

There is also a special mail-box of the ‘FCCA Klachtencommissie’ in the front-office at FCCA, Sabana Blanco 66, and at its branch in San Nicolas, where the client can deposit his/her letter or compliant-form. This box can be opened only by the Secretary of the ‘FCCA Klachtencommissie’.

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