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Interested in building or buying a house?

Planning on building or buying a house? FCCA offers you the possibility to apply for a mortgage loan to build or buy your dream house.

Opening a mortgage loan includes benefits such as:

  • Assistance with setting up various relevant insurances, such as life insurance, personal accident insurance, fire and home content insurance.
  • Guidance from A to Z including the drawing of the building, assistance with construction and control during the construction period.
  • Discounts at various companies for products relevant to the construction of a house, such as windows and doors.

Mortgage application requirements

To apply for a mortgage loan is very easy. You can either make an appointment with our financing department or you can visit one of our locations.

When visiting one of our locations, please make sure you bring at least the following documents, so we can guide you and give you advice about the mortgage loan & possibilities:

  • A valid ID (ID card, driver’s license, or passport)
  • Last 2 income papers (pays slips)
  • If you are married, we will need these documents from your spouse as well
  • If you want to buy or build a house, bring at least your dream

At your appointment, if available, bring

  • An Appraisal Report when you want to buy

When building bring

  • Documents of landownership
  • Ground plan
  • Floorplans and drawings of the house

There is also a possibility that FCCA can take over your mortgage loan from other financial institutions or in the case that you would like to add for example a pool or solar panels to your home, or even remodel your home, FCCA can refinance your mortgage loan.

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