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I want to buy a house

Fundacion Cas pa Comunidad Arubano FCCA offers mortgage loans to persons who want to buy a house.

An appointment can be made with the Lending Department by telephone or one can drop in at one of our offices and wait for a turn.

An employee of the Department will provide information on the funding and will explain the process. By registering all the relevant information of the client the maximum mortgage loan amount will be simultaneously calculated.

After the loan agreement is signed, FCCA will send the documents to a Notary of the client’s choice to arrange the mortgage deed.

Required documents for the application for a mortgage loan:

  1. a valid ID (both of spouse or partner)
  2. Income papers
    • Last two months Pay slip of Both
    • Bi-weekly last six pay slips (commission last slip if applicable)
  3. Registration papers (for Residents not born in Aruba)
  4. An appraisal report of the For Sale house (not older than six months)

How to apply for a mortgage

Visit us at our head office at Sabana Blanco or San Nicolas branch.

Please bring the following documents:

  • Identification card. Both, spouse or partner.
  • Income papers. Last 2 pay slip of both Biweekly last 6 slips and commission last slips. Registration papers (for residents not born in Aruba)

In case you want to build a house also bring:

  • Building permit (by DOW)
  • Plot plan
  • Land papers (passed through the notary)
  • Building Drawings (approved by D.O.W.)
  • Concrete details drawing (approved by D.O.W)

In case you want to buy a house also bring: an Appraisal report (not older than six months)

Visit our offices freely at your best convenience.

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