Social Impaired

As a housing foundation, FCCA also provides custom homes for disabled people. For almost a while FCCA has been building these type of homes. In most of our social home projects over the island there is a custom home for the disabled. This group has been growing by the years. That is why FCCA keeps as policy 5% of the total houses been built in a housing project as a custom home.

To apply for a custom home you should contact our Department of Registration at our main Office at Sabana Blanco 66 or at our San Nicolaas office situated at B. van der Veen Zeppenfeldstraat 63
To apply for social rental housing, the maximum monthly gross salary is 3125 Aruban Guilders.

When applying, our client should take along:

  • a valid Id. card (if not, a driver license or passport with Censo Registry paper)
  • a copy of the last pay slip, or proof of other forms of income (e.g. pension, onderstand) of both spouses, if applicable.

To apply you must be 18 years of age or older

Customers who are assigned for a rental property may be eligible for rent subsidy. The subsidy amount is calculated during assignment of a rental property based on a rental subsidy table and this amount is subsidized by the Government of Aruba.

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